A magnificent bestiary of frozen fear! This supplement contains over a dozen monsters and variants that prowl the harsh and bitter climes of north. From fey spirits hungry and cruel to hard-hearted hunters and feral giants, even the tundra itself comes alive with menace in its mind and hate in its heart in Beasts of Legend: Boreal Bestiary from Legendary Games. Drawing upon real-world folklore and legends as well as classic tropes of fantasy and horror, the Boreal Bestiary presents richly developed creatures replete with inventive abilities alongside detailed lore and ecology, all designed by the top creative minds in the business.

With beautiful full-color layout, full-page illustrations, and printable miniatures, this 40-pageĀ  product delivers monsters from CR 1 to CR 17, and is a terrific addition to any GM's monster toolkit when their adventures head into the cold and wild lands, whether in your home campaign or in Adventure Paths like the Kingdom-Building, Far East, Witches of Winter, or Righteous Crusade AP.

Download includes a full-color version and a print-safe version.

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