Ultimate Relationships: #3 Cassisian Detective


The Cassisian Detective is an angelic spirit, a curious and clever seeker after knowledge and an unraveler of mysteries. He is a determined sleuth when villainy is afoot, eager to track down wrongdoers and bring them to justice. He loves riddles and games, but none are as satisfying as puzzling out the clues of an intricate mystery with a fellow investigator, especially when they can match wits with an adversary worthy of their skills.

The original Ultimate Relationships provided the basic rules and structure for building effective and fun relationships with NPCs in the game, and this ongoing series takes that a step further by providing you with a fully developed, robustly detailed NPC in every product, some drawn from published Adventure Paths, others from Legendary Games products, and still others entirely new. Each installment includes the character’s game statistics as well as the relationship characteristics that make them a long-running campaign character that your players will talk about for years to come.