Mythic Monsters 41-50 BUNDLE


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All in one place, this amazing offer includes the the final 10 PDFs in the legendary Mythic Monsters series in one compilation of marvelous monstrous mythic mayhem. An ideal complement to the Mythic Monsters Mega-Bundle, this bundle 130 magnificent mythic monsters alongside tons of new magic items, technology, class options, and more for your Pathfinder campaign, including the following products at 70% off – just $2 each! This bundle includes:

-Mythic Monsters 41: India
-Mythic Monsters 42: Halloween
-Mythic Monsters 43: Africa
-Mythic Monsters 44: Elementals
-Mythic Monsters 45: Middle East
-Mythic Monsters 46: Japan
-Mythic Monsters 47: Greek
-Mythic Monsters 48: Fey
-Mythic Monsters 49: South Pacific
-Mythic Monsters 50: Celtic


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