Mythic Monsters 1-10 BUNDLE


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Grab over 130 magnificent mythic monsters of every description, from CR 1 to 25 and beyond, each one with exciting and dynamic new abilities that make them live up to every inch of their legacy, lore, and heritage. Mythic monsters are easy to drop into a standard Pathfinder campaign as well, leaving your jaded players saying “What was THAT?” In addition, every installment contains bonus material following the book’s theme, from feats and spells to brand-new rules elements and more. This bundle includes:

-Mythic Monsters 1: Demons
-Mythic Monsters 2: Molds, Slimes, and Fungi
-Mythic Monsters 3: Oozes
-Mythic Monsters 4: Mounts
-Mythic Monsters 5: Mythos
-Mythic Monsters 6: Oozes Too
-Mythic Monsters 7: Inner Planes
-Mythic Monsters 8: Abyssal
-Mythic Monsters 9: Undead
-Mythic Monsters 10: Sea Monsters


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