Legendary Villains: Vigilantes


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Danger Lurks Behind the Mask!

Legendary Villains: Vigilantes brings you an incredible array of character options for taking the vigilante class for Pathfinder in a dastardly direction! Inside you’ll find 8 notorious new archetypes like the dread champion, fortune thief, protean prowler, and symbiotic slayer, perfect for making your vigilante a master of the malevolent, either as a vile villain striving against the PCs, or an amoral antihero willing to do whatever it takes to see justice—or vengeance—done! You will also find nearly 80 tantalizing talents, fantastic feats, and vigilante-focused magic items suitable for all vigilantes, plus the savage and unstoppable crimson dreadnought prestige class. Last but not least, you’ll find statistics for the dashing and deadly Red Love, a ready-to-use vigilante villain for your campaign to showcase the dirty tricks and devilish deeds you’ll find within! Grab this 40-page Pathfinder class product for vigilantes and Make Your Game Legendary!

If your heroes bend in a more heroic direction, check out Legendary Vigilantes for a ton of great talents, feats, archetypes, and more, including the scion of the city prestige class and Black Star, a perfect foil for the villainous Red Love!


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