Legendary Psychics


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It’s All in Your Mind! 

Legendary Psychics is the latest volume in our series of class expansions for Pathfinder RPG, focusing on the spellcaster who has opened the doors of their mind and unlocked a power feared by enemies and allies alike, peeling pack mundane reality to unveil horrifying truth. The Legendary Psychic redesigns the class, giving them a unique origin that is the source of their power and a discipline that describes how they bend the world to their will. New class features grant them access to a variety of extrasensory abilities, while new spells and feats open up other possibilities! You’ll find 20 origins and disciplines, like the Dual Psychic, whose mind has been fractured in two, and the Id Dancer who makes friends with beguiling thoughts. You’ll also find 8 archetypes to create entirely new psychics, like the Alienist, Transcendent Mind, and Psychic Assassin, along with 40 fantastic feats and spells from Seventh Sense and Undercast Echo to psychokinetic scattering and wall of riddles! Grab this amazing 38-page Pathfinder Roleplaying Game class expansion today and Make Your Game Legendary! 

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