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Omens of Power

Legendary Oracles is the latest volume in our series of player-focused supplements, delivering divine alternatives for everyone’s favorite charismatic and cursed spellcaster! Touched by the gods, Oracles are both empowered and cursed in ways that make normal life impossible, and the call to adventure impossible to deny. Already one of the most customizable classes to play, this new supplement offers even more ways to define and refine an oracle’s role in your game. Rather than a redesign of an already perfect class, we offer a varied assortment of new options to personalize your character. With inspiration drawn from Myth, Folklore, and of course, Legend, these new options include: 12 mysteries, 14 archetypes, 12 oracle curses, 9 class bonuses, 21 feats (including 3 mythic feats), 8 spells, as well as new options, such as mystery familiars (each granting unique abilities), oracle burdens (physical hindrances that replace curses), runecasting, and many more selections that will enrich your oracle with divine dynamism! Make the best of your blessing and the worst of your curse with this amazing 46-page Pathfinder Roleplaying Game class supplement by Margherita Tramontano and Aaron Hollingsworth and Make Your Game Legendary!


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