Legendary Mesmerists: Second Edition


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Look Into My Eyes!

Legendary Mesmerists is the latest volume in our new series of class-focused player supplements for Pathfinder Second Edition, this time focused on the mind-bending mesmerist class. These devious tricksters and students of occult psychology wield the power of pure thought to unlock the secrets of the mind while imposing their will on anyone that dares to meet their hypnotic gaze. You’ll find over 150 class options for this new class, including a massive array of class feats for every level from offensive talents like Amplify Pain, Devastating Invective, and Petrifying Stare to incredible utility powers like Chain of Eyes, Contingent Trick, Spatial Switch, and Fanatical Sacrifice. Shape your character’s approach to mental magic with knacks like the alluring arriviste, the spirit walker, or the psychic balm of the solacer, and with new backgrounds like the esoterist, astrologically blessed, or the guinea pig! Plus you get new rules for occult skill unlocks in Pathfinder Second Edition like Dowsing, Aura Reading, and Exorcism! And new magic items! And three sample characters to show off how the options of the class or to drop into your campaign as richly developed NPCs. Grab this amazing 38-page supplement for Pathfinder Second Edition today and Make Your Game Legendary!


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