Legendary Mediums


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Bind the Powers of the Beyond!

Legendary Mediums is the latest in the player-focused line of supplements, centering on the skillful and adaptable medium class from Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Occult Adventures. Enriching and amplifying the psychospiritual abilities that define the class, the legendary medium embodies mastery of legends while liberating the medium from the restrictive spiritual influence and taboos. Over a dozen mighty spirits can guide your actions, augmenting your abilities with flexible spirit feats and over 50 spirit boons. Invoke exotic new abilities through over a dozen archetypes, from the protean capricious channeler and the adaptable spirit dancer to the cognizant loremaster and sphere-wielding thanatic visionary. Plus, you get new feats, spirit affinities, favored class bonuses, and a sample legendary medium in the militant commander Wulfric Jorimandius, ready to drop into your campaign and give you a taste of what the new class can do! On top of an entirely redesigned class and all the trimmings, you also get exciting options for the official medium like the ancestral fury and psychic channeler archetypes and eight new spirits! Grab this incredible 48-page character class supplement today and Make Your Game Legendary!


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