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Legendary Fighters is the latest volume in our series of class-focused player supplements, this time focusing on the biggest, baddest, and best battlers in the game: the fighter! This exhaustive encyclopedia of martial matters brings you over 100 new and enhanced fighter-focused feats, archetypes, and class features, including armor mastery and weapon mastery techniques from dazzling intimidation and spell smash to armored confidence and warding shield. This book explores the core mechanics of the fighter, from weapon and armor training to bravery and more, plus adding new perseverance and prowess features to keep your unstoppable soldiers on the battlefield. It also compiles a massive collection of weapons and weapon groups from across 60 different sources. Best of all, it offers a newly reimagined fighter class, the legendary fighter, so you can use all the amazing ideas in this book to polish up your standard fighter or conquer the world with a whole new kind of martial master, with bonus archetypes from Lore Wardens to Living Weapons compatible with fighters of both types! Grab this amazing 62-page Pathfinder Roleplaying Game class supplement today and Make Your Game Legendary!


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