Legendary Assassins


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A Time to Kill!

Legendary Assassins is the latest volume in our series of class-focused player supplements, and while assassins are typically cast as villains, this book brings you a new take on the assassin as a killer with a code. Adventurers of every kind are quick to deal out death in the name of justice, righteousness, ambition, or greed; the Legendary Assassin simply brings a very particular set of skills to the task. Legendary Assassins brings you a revised version of the assassin class and the many-faced killer archetype, as well as brand-new assassin-focused feats and a gallery of ready-made assassin NPCs using these new rules. Whether your assassins are murderous monsters, contract killers, or principled crusaders, all of them can use the new rules within these pages to wield deception and disguise, stealth and study with deadly precision and clinical detachment to bring their targets to a swift, secret, and sudden end. Grab this 26-page Pathfinder class supplement and Make Your Game Legendary!


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