Just a Second #8: Cosmic Champions


A little something extra for your PF2 game!

Pathfinder Second Edition brings a ton of cool classes and options to the table like the champion as a mighty force for goodness in all its forms, but we take that one step further with a whole set of champions of the boundless heavens! Unleash 5 new champion tenets like Hollowed, Luminary, and Argent, each with their own unique reactions like Obscuring Essence and Shining Onslaught. Plus get 8 new champion feats and focus spells like glorious valor and hand of the sky!

The new Pathfinder Second Edition has a ton of customizable options, and the Just a Second line gives you about a page of new rules content to incorporate into your campaign. A set of feats, linked spells, clever magic items, and so on. No fuss, no muss, just new ideas and mechanics for GMs and players alike! Grab the latest Just a Second today and Make Your Game Legendary!

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