Horns of the Hunted (PF2)


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A fabulous fey adventure for 6th-level characters!

Evil stirs in the depths of the Gnarled Forest. The heroes of the land, taming the wilderness and forging their kingdom, hear disturbing tales from woodsmen and trappers of a strange and ferocious hunting party ranging far and wide beneath the forest eaves. It is not only from human tongues that they hear warnings of these dread hunters, for the allies they have found amongst the fey and other woodland creatures are likewise deathly afraid of what these savage raiders may portend. The heroes are called upon by Myvenwy, a unicorn warden of the wood, who begs their aid in facing this peril, one that threatens her and her kind above all, but should the unicorns fall there will be none to stand against the raging Horns of the Hunted!

Horns of the Hunted is a 30-page Pathfinder Second Edition adventure for 6th level characters that is a great addition to your campaign whenever your heroes are feeling a bit too comfortable and complacent, as the wild world around them rises up in chaos and danger as otherworldly enemies intrude upon the mundane mortal world. Horns of the Hunted can be played alone or as a loosely coupled followup to Cold Mountain, and either adventure or any wilderness Pathfinder Second Edition campaign (like the upcoming “Making of Kings” Adventure Path) that features the fey can be greatly enhanced with upcoming products like new creatures and character options and ideas of Faerie Passions, fabulous fey magic within the Treasury of the Kingdom, or the terrifying monsters of the frozen forest in the Coldwood Codex and Boreal Bestiary! Featuring a desperate pursuit of mysterious fey both malevolent and benign, in Horns of the Hunted superstar author Matt Goodall has created a dreamlike and otherworldly feel that provides a memorable journey into the dangerous and deadly world of the fey that will Make Your Game Legendary!


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