Corrupted Classes 5E


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Valor or Villainy?

In the wasted lands where ravening demon hordes and diabolic legions bring wrath and ruin, your DnD 5E heroes and villains must face temptation from the dark powers and choose the path of villainy or the path of light. This capacious codex contains dozens of character options for the heroes and villains of the border wastes where the encroaching power of the nether planes has wracked, warped, and wounded the land itself. In the face of such blights on body, mind, and soul, valiant crusading grail knights face off with nihilistic anarchists, blighted riven mediums, and savage barbarians of the path of blood, plus an entire range of cursed class alternatives for heroes and villains alike. Root your heroes and villains in the apocalypse with backgrounds like Accursed and Raised in a Wounded Land and tailor their abilities with feats like Warped Mind, Twisted Flesh, and Apocalyptic Survivor mark those who have lived too long on the fringe of dissolving reality, while Fiendfoes and Sanctified Crusaders empower your champions to face the malevolent minions with their Sorcerous Damnation and Dark Force Adepts! You’ll also find over two dozen spells and magic items perfect for either side of a corrupted crusade! Add this 32-page killer collection of class options by Clinton Boomer, Jason Nelson, Carl Cramer, N. Jolly, and Julian Neale to your 5th Edition campaign today and Make Your Game Legendary!


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