Asian Archetypes: Martial


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Warriors of the East Arise Asian Archetypes: Martial brings you an awesome assortment of new Pathfinder Roleplaying Game class options for characters drawing upon the classic tropes and traditions of Asian fantasy! You’ll find a dozen amazing archetypes here, with heavily armored heroes like the dignified imperial unifier, the merciless silversword samurai, and the fearless kaiju hunter ranger. You’ll find character options to use knowledge and connections like a weapon in the mandarin investigator alongside rough-housing rascals like the hyakusho fighter scavanging the battlefield just to make ends meet, or the wild and woolly kuma barbarian channeling the raw power of the bear to become a living weapon. Of course, you’ll also find warriors of style, stealth, grace, and speed like the deadly contemplative iajutsu adept and the unearthly grace of the sky dancer swashbucklers, the subtle psychic swordplay of the kwa no ninja, and the kinetic bladework of the sentai soldier and the matchless prowess of the mercurial duelist vigilantes. Sidebars explore additional feats, magic items, and vigilante talents to enhance these new character options, and you’ll also find a fantastic sample hero, Kozue Kaburagi, the Silver Blossom, ready to use as a richly developed NPC to show off some of these new options in play. Whether you’re playing a completely Asian campaign or just want to add a dash more Asian spice to the ninjas, samurai, and more in your game, you’ll find a wealth of exciting new opportunities in Asian Archetypes: Martial! Grab this 26-page Pathfinder product today and Make Your Game Legendary!


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