Arcforge Campaign Setting: Far-Flung Frontiers


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Into the Wild!

Although the spires of Vandaran civilization have built great cities and nations, not all have prospered in this manner. Scattered across the world are great wildlands, from the primeval dragon-ruled land of Utala to the ancient necromancer theocracy of Mariton to the decimated waste that has become the Freeman’s Lands.

Far-Flung Frontiers gives players and GMs an opportunity to explore these locales and their denizens, discovering the tactics they use to survive. Battle new monsters such as the titan naga, atropal, and dark walker. Utilize new Akashic Veils like the salvager’s gloves and stormwarden’s coat. Harness the power of a Draconic Channeler cleric or an Ovate oracle or slay your foes as a Paragon Freeman paladin or Bannerless Knight cavalier. Reach out into these untamed lands and discover what you are truly made of. Grab this 50-page Pathfinder Roleplaying Game accessory today and Make Your Game Legendary!


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