Ancient Curses


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The Curses of the Pharaohs

Ancient Curses brings you a wealth of woe to unleash upon your campaign, allowing you to bring home the kind of supernatural suffering that will make your heroes weep and the mightiest pharaoh and his priests laugh. This book includes archetypes focused on ancient curses and extensive rules on creating cursed items, including an array of accursed abilities to bedevil the unlucky or unwary, as well as a full system of haunt-like cursed places, with sample location-based curses from CR 1 to CR 17. Add to this a ton of terrible new curses from sunbane and creeping calcification to shrouded slumber and hourglass eyes, and you’ve got a fantastic resource for bringing a delightful depth to the kinds of curses your PCs might encounter while plundering their way through the lost tombs of a fallen empire. Grab this 26-page PDF from Jason Nelson, Alex Riggs, and Jen Page today and Make Your Game Legendary!


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