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Heroes Arise!

Adventure and danger await you across the many worlds of the Aethera system, and when adventure calls, heroes must rise to the occasion. In Aetheric Heroes you will find 10 richly detailed and masterfully designed characters ready for use in the Aethera Campaign Setting or your own Pathfinder Roleplaying Game campaign. Each hero’s personal relationships and backstory are connected to the lore and events of the campaign setting, allowing you to explore Aethera in even greater depth! Use these heroes as ready-to-use player characters, allies or enemies, rivals or cohorts. This book contains two characters for each of the five races of the Aethera Campaign Setting: erahhi, human, infused, okanta, and phalanx! Plus, you’ll find new Aethera rules material like Unholstering Strike and the aether soldier fighter archetype! Your Aetheric Heroes include:

-Aleta, infused wizard (spell sage)
-Arakhu, okanta cavalier (aethership pilot)
-Chapter, phalanx cantor
-Chernardra, okanta shaman (speaker for the past)
-Erryn, human hunter (tech bonded)
-Hauyne, phalanx unchained rogue (snoop)
-Kasara, human fighter (aether soldier)
-Oemathra, erahthi alchemist
-Surestra, infused brawler
-Tillannieh, erahthi hydrokineticist


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