A Threatened Democracy


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Will Freedom Crumble?

A Threatened Democracy is an adventure of investigation and espionage set in an ancient world of bronze and bood. This tale pits your heroes against the powerful shadow cabal of the Cult of Naegara and offers a chance to use their might, magic, and every ounce of wit and wisdom to prevent not one but two catastrophes from bringing chaos and disunity among the peaceful people of the Kagari Islands!

This fantastic 75-page DnD 5E adventure for 7th-8th level characters is inspired by the epic mythology of Ancient Greece. Pit your heroes against the monstrous minions of the Underworld and the conspiracies entangled with them on the world above as they continue as they set forth on the Mother of Monsters Adventure Path. In this adventure, your heroes must brave dangers on land and sea, in the wild country and the civilized halls of power, and danger lurks in every corner. A Threatened Democracy includes the adventure itself as well as new monsters like the bloodthirsty sangol and the feculent sewer mimic and bloated otyugh, as well as new magic items, world and setting lore, and so much more! Grab it today and Make Your Game Legendary! 

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