Open Gaming SALE, Shifters coming, and PIRATES AHOY for 5E and Pathfinder!

At Legendary Games, we love a good sale as much as the next gamer, and we’ve partnered with our friends at the Open Gaming Store to run a spectacular sale on their site! For the ENTIRE MONTH OF FEBRUARY, you can get a fantastic 50% off almost all PDFs, plus 20% off print products and print/PDF bundles! Whether you love 5E adventures, Pathfinder class books, all-ages adventures for the whole family, gruesome horror, fantastic fey, sci-fi epics, or treasure troves of magic items, spells, monsters, and more, you can get virtually every title in the Legendary Games library at HUGE SAVINGS all month long at the Open Gaming Store! Check it out now! 

Next Monday, we get yet another awesome Pathfinder class resource with the dazzling debut of the dynamic Legendary Shifters, a spectacular expansion to this deadly new class! Here’s a quick preview to whet your appetite for something truly wild!

Legendary Shifters is the latest volume in our series of class-focused player supplements, this time focusing on the mercurial shifters! This base class, introduced in Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Ultimate Wilderness, was designed to be the ultimate shapeshifting character, allowing players to take a variety of forms in the blink of an eye. Legendary Shifters works to further embody this concept with a redesign of the class that gives even greater freedom to transform into whatever you wish at a moment’s notice. With an updated version of wild shape dubbed shifter shape, legendary shifters can not only take different forms more easily, but also change between their forms without hesitation! In addition, this book contains a ton of new archetypes to help your shifter take the form you want them to, from the furious Dragon Touched to the tricky and capricious Fey Shifter.  The insidious Mimickin allows for transformation into regular objects, while Necromorphs are focused on both transforming into and raising the dead. And if even more variety is required, the Polymorph Savant prestige class allows for almost infinitely varied shapeshifting, with access to a plethora of different forms. Plus,  tons of new feats, spells, and more! Grab this 32-page Pathfinder Roleplaying Game class supplement by N. Jolly and Siobhan Bjorknas today and Make Your Game Legendary! 

Legendary Shifter 
New Archetypes 

  • Bound Beastmaster 
  • Dragon Touched
  • Elemental Nexus 
  • Fairy Shifter 
  • Giant Shifter 
  • Lycanthropic Warrior 
  • Metamorphic Genius 
  • Mimickin 
  • Mystically Trained 
  • Necromorph
  • Oozeling 
  • Protean Mutant 

Prestige Class: Polymorph Savant 
New Feats 
New Spells 
Sample Legendary Shifter: Ines

But as wild as that is, that’s not the only big thing coming next week! We have finalized all elements of our fantastic Forest Kingdom Campaign Compendiumand that project is all but finished; we only need await completion of our books and their arrival to us and we can send them out to our backers. Our Campaign Compendium team is now getting ready to launch the sensational sequel with the next killer compilation of campaign-focused material, this time for all things nautical in the Pirate Campaign Compendium Kickstarter! We are bringing the ship into the harbor and running out the plank for you to take the plunge starting NEXT WEEK! Get tons of aquatic monsters and characters, a massive compendium of ready-made nautical NPCs, five complete piratical adventures, pirate loot aplenty, character options for high seas adventure, and so much more!

We learned a lot of valuable lessons during the Forest Kingdom Campaign Compendium project, and virtually all writing is already done, save for newly sponsored items that our backers add to the book with stretch goals or special pledges, like their own pirate captains, flags, and treasure maps. Backers will have the chance to add creative input and stretch goals to some parts of the book. Most of the book, though, is ready to go NOW, and not only are those chapters fully written and illustrated, but we’re already well along with laying out those parts of the book before we even launch the project! We fully expect to have these books completed and available for the summer convention season this year!

Keep an eye on the ocean waves and prepare to set sail for adventure with Legendary Games once again!