No time for love, Dr. Jones! Or is there?

Coming tomorrow from Legendary Games, a legendary twin bill of relationship-building goodness! Yesterday we previewed the core product of Ultimate Relationships, and today the first accessory module for the new system, Imperial Relationships, designed through extensive playtesting as a fantastic supplement to the Far East Adventure Path, or any other campaign where you are integrating the themes of East meets West on a grand journey!

Imperial Relationships takes the expanded relationship rules introduced in Ultimate Relationships from Legendary Games and brings them to glorious life for players of the official published Far East Adventure Path for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. In this product you will find detailed relationship links for each of the four primary NPCs that accompany the PCs on their long journey to the Eastern Kingdoms, one each for the Caravan Master, Destined Empress, Elven Protector, and Mystic Seer, complete with boons, affinity notes, gifts and interactions, and dynamically interactive relationship ranks for each character.

The Far East Adventure Path is a long journey. Much like the strong traditions of literature and television series about journeys, the physical journey is also a metaphor for the inner journey that each character takes along the way, progressing into someone different than they were at the beginning. With Imperial Relationships, your PCs can forge deep and lasting connections with the characters they meet along their journey together. With their lives and fates intertwined, your game will never be the same.

Imperial Relationships (cover)