New products about to be unleashed!

Lest anyone think that Legendary Games has forgotten all about our Adventure Path Plug-Ins lines in the whirlwind success of Ultimate Rulership and its follow-up titles on the Ultimate Plug-Ins side of the street, fear not! We have not one but TWO new plug-ins for the Kingbreaker Adventure Path in layout AS WE SPEAK.

The long-awaited adventure Horns of the Hunted by Superstar author Matt Goodall is about to burst onto the scene with a clarion call! We previewed this adventure earlier this spring, including the delightful art by newcomer Pete Fairfax, and if you are one of the lucky few you will have the opportunity to be the very first to play this adventure when I run Horns of the Hunted this Saturday at PaizoCon, featuring pregen NPCs from our Conquering Heroes, and I just might throw in an extra monster or two from the Coldwood Codex!

Coming fast on its heels will be Faerie Passions, the debut effort with Legendary Games of Todd Stewart and Russ Taylor, a product dealing with all the many ways that immortal fey interact with mortals and their world. Featuring a delightful array of advice, examples, alternate rules, 5 new sorcerer bloodlines, and a pair of new archetypes – the feyfriend druid and the fey hunter ranger, this product will be an invaluable resource in any fey-heavy campaign like the Kingbreaker AP.

Hope to see you at PaizoCon!




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