MYTHIC MARCH MANIA Update #5: It’s like you’ve got ESP… I mean DSP!

As just announced during our podcast interview on Refresh and Reload, the magnificent Mythic Mania Kickstarter has a new partner. As if the team-up of Legendary Games with Kobold Press and Rogue Genius Games was not enough, we are delighted and excited to announce that DREAMSCARRED PRESS has joined the fray! The undisputed masters of all things mental, Jeremy and Andreas and the crew at DSP will be bringing the mythic mojo to psionic creatures, powers, and more! Follow Dreamscarred Press on Facebook or their website and look at all the great things they’re doing, like the brand-new Ultimate Psionics. As a long-time fan of psionics from back in my 1st Edition days, I am very excited to have DSP make psi a part of the mythic universe for Pathfinder, and I hope you are too!


The Mythic Mania Kickstarter begins March 24th and runs until April 30th. Our Kickstarter page should be going live next week, but you can always get the latest updates right here on our website.