MYTHIC MARCH MANIA: Update #1 – Spells and Magic and Kobolds, Oh My!

One of the first products Legendary Games released in our line of Mythic Plug-Ins was the marvelous Mythic Magic: Core Spells. At 100 pages even, it is the largest single project Legendary Games has created, though in length since surpassed by the Far East Campaign Compendium and River Kings Campaign Compendium PDFs and Gothic Campaign Compendium PDF and hardback we produced as part of our Kickstarter last fall. In many ways, Mythic Magic: Core Spells set the tone for what we wanted to provide in terms of the very best support for the mythic rules. It was an encyclopedic collection of 418 mythic spell conversions, covering every single spell in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook that had not already been included in the mythic rules. People have asked us often since then, “When is this coming out in print? What about the other spells? Will you be doing more?” The answer is yes, we’ve got em, and oh boy yes!


The first of three books we’re announcing is Mythic Magic, and if you thought Mythic Magic: Core Spells was great just wait. The basic funding goal is to get this book into print for you, as this is the kind of reference book that will see wide use. But more is what we’re all about. You’ll be looking at stretch goals that we have every confidence you will meet, with Advanced Levels for Player’s Guide and Race Guide alike (and, if you’re really motivated, maybe even planning to include spells from the Class Guide coming out at GenCon) and Ultimate Levels (for Combat and Magic), adding hundreds of new mythic spells to cover the primary Pathfinder hardcover rulebooks.


But you would expect no less, right? That would just be raising the bar to awesome, and around here we kick it up to LEGENDARY. As I was first pulling together the plans for this project, there was another Kickstarter going on that caught my eye and probably yours too: DEEP MAGIC. This seemed like an ideal combination, so I got in touch with the mighty and powerful Oz… I mean Wolf… and pitched him on the idea, and evidently my enthusiasm was persuasive. I am delighted to announce that ONE of our partners in this project will be the legendary Wolfgang Baur and the crew at KOBOLD PRESS! We will be releasing Mythic Magic jointly under both logos, including not only conversions of all the great Paizo spells you expect, but mythic conversions for the spells from Deep Magic as well, and for dessert we will be including almost 100 spells created by Legendary Games too!


How far we get towards those goals depend on you. If the Kickstarter goes as expected, this will be the definitive tome of mythic magic. If you even think about using the mythic rules in your campaign, this is it with a bullet.


Mythic Magic. Legendary and Kobold. That’s just book one. Wait until tomorrow!



One more spell coming to the party...

A whole lotta new spells are coming to the party, and you’re invited!