Make your 5E hero a KING! Plus Egyptian Heroes ahoy!

We are pleased to present an amazing new supplement for 5th Edition: Kingdoms! Your PCs may be the terrors of the dungeon and lay waste to the lich-lord’s legions, but what good is a mighty triumph without a royal capital full of loyal subjects to attend your victory parade? Your heroes are used to wielding mighty power in battle, but now they can wield the power of a nation! Complete rules for detailing settlements from roadside villages to cosmopolitan cities, along with a modular system for founding a kingdom of your own, with rules options to add as much complexity as you like with trade, diplomacy, and more, including (inevitably) making war! Kingdoms will be available in wide release starting next Thursday when GenCon begins, but you can get it RIGHT NOW exclusively at the Legendary Games webstore!

Kingdoms cover (medium)

As if that weren’t enough, for Pathfinder fans we have the latest installment in our Heroes collection, Egyptian Heroes! Our Patreon patrons have already gotten their copies, and if you’d like early access AND a discounted price on our Egyptian products you should join our Patreon right here, with our next installment, Legendary Tombs, available next month. Meanwhile, Egyptian Heroes will be going into wide release next week, but you can get your copy right now in print or PDF right here at the Legendary Games webstore! EgyptHeroCoversmall