LG Fall Previews #1: Legendary Swashbucklers!

With GenCon behind us, Legendary Games is now taking aim at an amazing finish to 2015, so we are launching a series of previews for products coming this fall! Some are old product lines continuing, others are long-simmering products finally nearing completion, and some are brand-new products coming your way!

The first product we are profiling is the latest in our Legendary Heroes series, following in the footsteps of Legendary Paladins and Legendary Rogues. Coming next week: Legendary Swashbucklers!

Aethan swashbuckler

This product sprang out of a conversation Alex Augunas and I had at PaizoCon, where we were talking in the hallway about different classes and ideas for things, and he mentioned off-handedly that he had some ideas for making swashbucklers a little more exciting and fun to play. We talked a bit more and I said, “Okay, I guess you’re writing the book then. Welcome to Legendary Games!” I may have caught him a bit flat-footed at that moment, but you’ll find that Alex recovers quickly and brings a great deal of innovation and creativity alongside mechanical mastery to bring you a great vision for the swashbuckler that you can use in tandem with the existing Pathfinder class or in an all-new redesigned Legendary Swashbuckler variant, much like Matt Goodall’s take on the rogue.

As part of revisiting the core concept of the swashbuckler, Alex introduces in this book the concept of personages. 

Personage (Ex): Each swashbuckler possesses a specific style and persona known as her personage. The personage grants the swashbuckler a number of bonuses and special abilities. This personage often represents the swashbuckler’s upbringing and personal persona, and is the source of her panache. A swashbuckler must pick one personage upon taking her first level of swashbuckler. Once made, this choice cannot be changed.

These personages really help fill out the swashbuckler in terms of her style and raison d’etre in a way similar to but distinct from archetypes, and as a mechanic that works in combination with existing swashbuckler archetypes. Whether your swashbuckler is an aristocrat, buccaneer, braggart, daredevil, madcap, phantom, or vagabond, that background provides a set of class features and abilities similar to a cavalier’s order or an oracle’s mystery, and really helps define a broad array of classic swashbuckling tropes. Legendary Swashbucklers also adds an array of archetypes (some brand-new, some adapted from the versions in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Advanced Class Guide), including the acrobat, daring infiltrator, dashing commander, flying blade, heightened blade, inspired blade, jockey, mouser, musketeer, mysterious avenger, picaroon, rapscallion, ronin, two-weapon duelist, vainglorious swashbuckler, and whirling dervish. As if 16 archetypes and 7 personages were not enough, Legendary Swashbucklers also brings you a brand new prestige class designed around the swashbuckler class, the dervish darter, who takes hit-and-run combat to a whole new level.  We’ll bring you a more in-depth preview tomorrow, but we are very excited about this latest addition to our Legendary Heroes line, which should be available by next Friday!  En garde!