Legendary Rogues are about to steal the show!

Hey, you didn’t think the Legendary Planet Kickstarter was the only thing we were doing, did you? We are delighted with the early response to it and hope our fans will continue to spread the word and keep unlocking new adventures, but the wheels of the Legendary machine never stop!

The first installment in our new Legendary Classes series was Legendary Paladinsa titanic tome of heroic holiness that has been a smashing success with our fans, and thanks to Matt Goodall and a little help from Jason Nelson, Legendary Rogues is coming your way!


This book will be even bigger than Legendary Paladins, and here’s a quick preview of what you’ll find inside:

Legendary Rogues is the latest volume in our new series of class-focused player supplements, this one focused at the fast-talking tricksters, stealthy pilferers, and happy-go-lucky scoundrels that populate every great adventure story. From their earliest incarnations as thieves and assassins, rogues have broadened their reach into all manner of specialties, becoming skill specialists and deadly strikers, leaping from surprise to carve up their enemies, yet there is still much farther for them to go. Legendary Rogues revisits the core class abilities of the Pathfinder rogue in both its core and unchained version, exploring its offensive and defensive capabilities as well as its versatility with skills (including unchained skill unlocks) and rogue talents, giving not only new mechanics but also alternate rules and advice on implementation. The rogue’s arsenal is further enhanced with a collection of feats to enliven and expand the rogue’s capabilities. Legendary Rogues lives up to its name by offering an entirely new version of the rogue class, the Legendary Rogue, including an array of archetypes specifically tailored for it. Finally, we reach back to the roots of the rogue class with a brand-new prestige class, the Master Thief, a lord of larceny that will leave heroes and villains alike clutching their purses and hiding their hoards!


Table of Contents


Rogues and Skills

–  Skill Specialties

–  Skill Unlocks

Rogue Class Features

–  Avoidances

–  Instincts

–  Rogue Talents

–  Desperation Talents

–  Rogue Talents Table

Rogue Feats

Rogues in Combat

–  Attack Bonus

–  Saving Throws

–  Sneak Attack

Alternate Class: Legendary Rogue

–  Legendary Rogue Archetypes

Prestige Class: Master Thief

I hope you’re looking forward to this book as much as we are. Remember this: