As we are putting our great MYTHIC MANIA project to bed from last year, it is time to look ahead (and just a little bit back) at what Legendary Games has done and is getting ready to do in 2015! Some of these products are things you’ve heard about before. Some may be brand new. All of them are going to be LEGENDARY!



*Mythic Monsters: Masters of Chaos by Jason Nelson, Jonathan H. Keith, Todd Stewart, Alistair J. Rigg, and Mike Welham



*Path of the Stranger by Jason Nelson

*Metal Heroes: Pregenerated Characters by Neil Spicer

*Path of the Genius by Jason Nelson



*Treasury of the Crusade by Pedro Coelho

*Mythic Skills by Jason Nelson

Treasury of the Kingdom by Linda Zayas-Palmer

Mythic Monsters: Lords of Law by Jason Nelson, Alistair J. Rigg, and Todd Stewart



Treasury of the Pharaohs by Thurston Hillman and Jason Nelson

Legendary Classes: Paladins by Amber Scott and Jason Nelson

Mythic Monsters: Bugs by Jason Nelson, Jonathan H. Keith, and Mike Welham

Starfall by Tom Phillips and Mike Welham



The Assimilation Strain by Tom Phillips and Neil Spicer

Legendary Classes: The General by Linda Zayas-Palmer and Will McCardell

Royal Tournaments by Jason Nelson

Tomb Raiders by Jim Groves, Mike Shel, Jonathan H. Keith, and Benjamin Bruck

Scorpions of Perdition by Nicolas Logue

Mythic Monsters: Colossal by Jason Nelson and Mike Welham



Cyborgs by Tim Hitchcock and Russ Taylor

Legendary Classes: Rogues by Matt Goodall, Jason Nelson, and Clinton J. Boomer

Ultimate Prestige: Villains by Jason Nelson

Mythic Monsters: Animals by Mike Welham, Jason Nelson, and Jonathan H. Keith


JULY (including GenCon)

Mythic Hero’s Handbook from Legendary Games, Rogue Genius Games, and Dreamscarred Press

Mythic Monster Manual from Legendary Games

Mythic Spell Compendium from Legendary Games and Kobold Press

Mythic Monsters: Plants by Mike Welham, Alistair Rigg, and Jason Nelson

To Worlds Unknown by Jim Groves

Ultimate Armies by Jason Nelson


Products marked with an asterisk are already available. Other products are color-coded to indicate their planned product line and grouped by their estimated month of release. More information will be forthcoming, but we just wanted to whet your appetite for the amazing things we’ve got coming your way.


What’s got you fired up?

Sigvard wants to know which ones make YOU excited!

Sigvard wants to know which ones make YOU excited!