It’s a Malevolent Medium Monster Monday!

The latest from Legendary Games is a two-fisted torrent of terror from Thurston Hillman and Jesse Benner, with a ton of terrifying tormentors that are NOT titanic in stature but are terrifically potent nonetheless. We bring you the long-awaited Malevolent Medium Monsters! Too often in high-level Pathfinder RPG play, your opponents are either high-level NPCs or towering titans of imposing size and strength, but this book balances the scales with over 10 delightfully deadly new creatures of a very personable size that belies their double digit CR! Unleash the paralytic alabaster beetle, the malformed composite homunculus dragon, the blood-soaked ersatz, the sinister and heretical faithslain, the grotesque misbirthed, and an entire new category of fiendfused monstrous humanoids that drink deeply from the wells of fiendish corruption to achieve an awful apotheosis! Each new creature is designed with full-page portraits, dynamic abilities, and detailed ecology, tactics, and advice on using it in the campaign, and you can grab this 30-page bestiary today at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizo, DrivethruRPG, and soon at Amazon!

Next week brings us even more fantastic adventure with Ron Lundeen’s delightful centaur adventure, The Horseshoe Calamity, coming next Monday. What’s on tap in that adventure? How about a quick preview for you!