I suppose T-OOZE-day would be a better day to preview this

But hey, why wait? Mythic Monsters: Oozes is on final approach in layout, as if the deliquescent puddles of mythic fungus just unleashed were not enough! For your primordial pleasure, a baker’s dozen of amorphous abominations, with CRs from 4 to 16, including classic favorites like the ochre jelly and gelatinous cube as well as variants like the white pudding and new horrors like the deathtrap ooze. Each is unique and deadly, brimming with a variety of mythic features that sets each apart.


CR/MR  Creature

4/1         Mythic gelatinous cube

5/2         Mythic electric jelly

5/2         Mythic gray ooze

5/2         Mythic slithering tracker

6/2         Mythic ochre jelly

7/3         Mythic id ooze

7/3         Mythic white pudding

8/3         Mythic black pudding

8/3         Mythic hungry fog

9/3         Mythic magma ooze

10/4       Mythic deathtrap ooze

12/5       Quicksilver ooze

16/6       Mythic carnivorous blob


And, as you’d expect with every Mythic Monsters product, an entirely new creation, the swift and slippery quicksilver ooze, born of the slag-heaps of the gods and ready to torment and terrify your PCs. Get ready for your close-up, Mr. Quicksilver…



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