Heroes and Villains of Sci-Fi and Fantasy!

We are excited to announce the debut of the first supplement to the amazing Aethera Campaign Setting, a treasure trove of 10 richly detailed ready-to-use characters from all five races of Aethera: Aetheric Heroes! These incredible characters, complete with relationships and backstories that explore the lore and legacy of the setting, plus bonus rules elements too, are heading your way wherever fine Pathfinder products are sold on Friday, but you can get them exclusively RIGHT NOW at the Legendary Games webstore in PDF, print, or bundled together! And, of course, if you haven’t picked up the Aethera Campaign Setting yet, grab your PDF today and preorder the print version directly from us!

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Finally, we wanted to give villains some love too. Now it’s true that we’ve produced plenty of bad-guy stuff over the years, from our earliest products dedicated to Gothic horror to a series of Legendary Villains products devoted to antipaladins, evil clerics, dark druids, wicked witches, and vigilantes! Coming soon, though, we’ve working with Mike Myler on a brand-new project he’s launching soon that is all about how good it is to be bad!

This Decopunk compendium is a detailed campaign setting that caters to PCs running the gamut from antihero to omnicidal maniac, with companion adventures, rules for running evil PCs, and a bonus goal of an extra book for those lily-livered so-called heroes that would dare stand in their way. Check it out coming soon! 

Long ago the world’s “heroes”–Tucker the Great & Co., The Order of the Shining Stone, and The Golden Redeemers–smote all of Askis’ evils, beating back corruption and nearly purging it from the planet. Centuries have passed since their victory and life has prospered, the modern world developing into a drone of well-meaning bureaucracy staffed by do-gooders and enjoyed by simpletons. All of their wonders are powered by a gift from deific beings that dwell in other realms, a substance known as inaequa that extends the lifespan of creatures with good in their hearts.

You, however, are not among them.

Your heart is as black as the night and twice as cold, the lengths to which you will go to achieve your goals much further than any of Askis’ weak-willed heroes would even consider. It is your destiny–no your right–to tear it all down, destroying civilization as a means to gain great power, exact terrible revenge, simply revel in the chaos of mayhem, or take the reigns of authority by force.