HAPPY GM’S DAY from Legendary Games!

At Legendary Games, we encourage any and all to March Fo(u)rth into glory and honor… AND SAVINGS! From now through next Monday, March 10th, if you enter the code GMD30, you will receive 30% off your order on our webstore.


We love and appreciate all of you who are willing to do business directly with Legendary Games, as cutting out the middleman results in significant savings for us vs. the consignment fees involved. However, for those of you who are unable to make us your direct source for your Legendary product needs, we would encourage you to patronize the 30% sales on our products currently ongoing on the d20pfsrd and Paizo webstores.


We hope you enjoy these special discounts and share this opportunity with your friends to check out Legendary Games, and we think you’ll be impressed and we hope you’ll look forward to our upcoming MYTHIC MARCH MANIA Kickstarter launching later this month!