For every band of monsters, you need heroes… RIGHTEOUS HEROES!

That’s right, not only will the Legendary Games early October releases include two more installments of Mythic Monsters, but they also see the debut of our new line of Righteous Crusade Adventure Path Plug-Ins! A new product line ideally suited for allowing your players to bring the Righteous Wrath of the forces of good to crush the demon invaders that have wounded the world. Of course there’ll be plenty of products for bad guys coming up as well. You can supercharge your characters’ crusade by putting them on the Road to War adventure by Jim Groves and Neil Spicer, or threaten them with the terrifying panoply of badness that is our gallery of Unrighteous Villains, and that’s just for starters. To kick off the product line, however, we are celebrating the 2-year anniversary of our very first pregens product, the legendary Gothic Heroes, by bringing you an all-new array of Righteous Heroes! Eight fantastic champions of all that is right and good, perfect for allies, mentors, cohorts, rivals, or even replacement PCs, these characters are richly detailed, with intertwined histories, connections to one another and the adventure path, fabulous full-color portraits, and even foldable paper minis for your convenience.  The call for heroes has been answered! Bring them to your table today!



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