Fall Previews #3: Beasts of the East!

Some of the products we’ll be previewing are ones we’ve announced before, either here on our website or out our convention preview events at PaizoCon or GenCon, but we’ll also be previewing products never announced before anywhere! Today is one of those days, as we bring you the announcement of a brand-new monster product for your Far Eastern campaign, Beasts of Legend: Beasts of the East! 

Too often, fantasy campaigns rely on the most familiar tropes for our campaigns, but there’s a wide world out there beyond Western European-styled fantasy. However, even when we venture beyond that continent, the creatures are familiar: Japanese tengu, Arabian genies, Egyptian sphinxes, and the like. With our Beasts of Legend series, we’ve sought to bridge that gap, as the Boreal Bestiary and Coldwood Codex (both on sale for just $2 as this week’s TWO$DAY Special) delved into creatures inspired by Eastern European myth and legend (as well as some more familiar faces from fantasy and Celtic folk tales), and the latest in the series will be doing the same for Asian-inspired monsters, drawing upon not only the legendarium of China and Japan but venturing into Southeast Asia. The artwork for this book has just begun, but we’ll be sharing sketches and concept art soon. Meanwhile, take a look at the list of creatures you’ll be finding between these pages, brought to you by the clever and cunning Thurston Hillman!

1.      Flame Naga: The skin of this great serpent is colored with muted browns and reds. Where its head should be, is instead a face akin to that of a beautiful woman, twitching with intense fury.

2·        Quyrua: This bulky turtle is the length of a horse and almost as tall, with an intricate shell of vibrant color. The eyes of the creature show a measure of sentience and eternal patience. The turtle’s most distinguishing feature is the great sword embedded in the center of its otherwise pristine shell.

3·        Kmoch Pray: A large tree covered in festering sores and weeping sap. At least two branches end in vicious jagged scythes of wood, though it should look natural and not like manufactured weapons. The tree itself is haunted by a spirit, but there’s no visual representation of the spirit.

4·        Kami, Neak Ta: This small creature resembles an amalgam of bamboo and clay bricks in the form of a humanoid. Where a face should be is instead a wooden sign post with a crude (but extremely adorable) smiling face.

5·        Srin-Po: Resembles a ghoul with a more gray skin-tone, normal human ears, but extremely distended arms that are almost double the length of normal arms and end in claws. Lacks the long tongue, but instead a set of razor-like teeth, and is garbed in priestly vestments that are tattered and exposing parts of his body.

6·        Kting Voar: A massive brown bull with golden spiked horns bristling like thistles. 

7·        Oni, Yeren: At a height of almost twelve feet, this humanoid figure is built like an ogre. Patches of reddish fur mar its form, with sections of browned skin showing through. A face locked in the form of a permanent sneer stares out, with eyes moving as though trapped in a wax mask.

8·        Oni, Bakeneko: The size of a halfling, this child-like humanoid resembles an upright cat more than a person. A pair of sharpened claws emerges from the creature’s inappropriately large paw-hands, while pointed ears crown its head. A comical rictus-grin spreads across the feline’s face as it looks out.

Kting Voar, image from cryptidz.wikia.com

Kting Voar, image from cryptidz.wikia.com