Fall Preview #7: A new beginning for beginners!

I started playing RPGs when I was 10 years old, and my youngest child is now 11, and he and his friends enjoy playing games with the beginner boxed set for Pathfinder and have played around with the starter materials for 5th Edition as well. You can always create your own adventures, or modify a published adventure to fit with the simplified rules mechanics, or use those starter materials to bridge the gap for your young players into the regular rules for each game. However, modern adventures often veer into subject matter that may not be appropriate for younger players, or with plot themes that may not grab and hold their interest.

To help bridge this gap, this fall we are introducing Legendary Beginnings, a line of adventures designed with younger players in mind. These are not simple, dumbed-down adult adventures; they are designed from the ground up to be exciting and fun adventures that can be played with adults and kids together. If you’re thinking about trying to run a game for a youth group, scouting troop, after-school club, or just the kids in the neighborhood, or if you’re a parent looking to introduce your own children to the best hobby in the world, keep an eye out for Legendary Beginnings! We have several products in the works already, but if you’ve got ideas for things you would like to see in kid-friendly Pathfinder or 5th Edition products, let us know at makeyourgamelegendary@gmail.com!

Map and Inkpot - LG edit with boundries