Faerie Passions NOW AVAILABLE!

With all the flurry of activity around the new Ultimate Rulership print edition, you didn’t think that was the only product we had going, did you? Hardly! Legendary Games is proud to present the delightful Faerie Passions for your purchasing pleasure! The Legendary debut for Russ Taylor and Todd Stewart, Faerie Passions takes you deep within the mind and heart of the fey, exploring what makes them tick as creatures, how and why they interact with mortals, how the offspring of fey and mortal are seen by both sides, and of course some terrifically fun character options for players too, including five new sorcerer bloodlines and two new character archetypes. Available now exclusively from Legendary Games, and available next week in wide release through our partner sites at Paizo, shop.d20pfsrd, and DrivethruRPG. Get yours TODAY!

Asking her out might be a bad idea...

Asking her out might be a bad idea…


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