Evolution is a natural process

Mutation and the bending of the genomic strands traces the past and shapes the future. So it is with life, and so it is sometimes with products. It turns out that mutation started to take on a life of its own, and to that end I must report that the Deviant (wizard archetype) and a few of his little friends have migrated from the pages of Beyond the Void and will be sliding into a new Gothic Grimoire of their own, so that they can be suitably expanded and enhanced with fiendish flavoricity.

And yet, we wouldn’t want to leave you preview-less, here on the cusp of Beyond the Void’s release into reality. To that end, in the final revisions we would be remiss not to mention the ultravision ability of the Iridic Mage (wizard archetype). In talking about the Deviant’s archetypal brethren, the Bathynaut (alchemist archetype). A daring explorer of the dark and dangerous deeps, the Bathynaut adapts himself to the life aquatic through discovery and tinkering with technomagical mechanisms. Some tools of the trade you have surely seen before, but you may be intrigued to know that the following discoveries complement the Bathynaut: aquatic mutagen*, cognatogen, concussion bomb, deep diver*, delayed bomb, demolition charge, depth charge*, homing torpedo*, mine*, tentacle, torpedo*, underwater demolition. (* New discovery described in this product.)

And last, but surely not least, our friend the Alienist (summoner archetype) feels like he really needs some new playmates. Longtime fans of Legendary Games may remember one of our earliest adventures featured the birth of an alien THING right in the midst of a seemingly innocuous ghost story. It turned out that just because the crazy madman was paranoid didn’t mean they really WEREN’T out to get him. Thus was birthed the first embryonic neh-thalggu, which was a delightfully horrible creature but at heart a jury-rigged nonesuch. Until now.  As we’ve mentioned before, Beyond the Void contains two new templates. One is relatively simple, for adapting ordinary creatures into unnatural and alien perversions of their normal selves. The embryonic template takes that several steps further, by turning alien monstrosities into miniature parasitic horrors with all the demented hungers of their adult selves in a half-formed ball of tiny terror. The template has some complexity to it, so to help ease the process of introducing these crimes against sanity to your campaign, we provide you with FOUR prebuilt sample embryonic horrors: an updated version of the embryonic neh-thalggu (CR 4), embryonic aboleth (CR 3), the diminutive embryonic intellect devourer (CR 4), and the awful embryonic shoggoth (CR 7), all ready to use right out of the shell!

Creepy... crawly...

Creepy… crawly…


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