Even bad guys like to be LEGENDARY!

Today marks the debut of a new product line at Legendary Games, LEGENDARY VILLAINS! These products provide a wealth of detail and options for villainous characters in a standard Pathfinder campaign. You want mythic villains, Path of Villains is for you, but if you run a standard Pathfinder campaign and aren’t interested in the mythic rules, then you are going to love the Legendary Villains series. ,

Legendary Villains is a hybrid product line, rather than a standalone, because it visits and crosses over other product lines where appropriate, such as the very first product, Dark Druids, which is available now at the Legendary Games webstore and is being released as part of our Kingdom-Building Adventure Path Plug-Ins. That campaign just has such a strong feel of wilderness and faerie forests but also darkling strangeness and dangerous fey mystery that it seemed like the perfect place to put a product like this.

Hey there little red riding hood, you're everything a big, bad wolf could want.

Hey there little red riding hood, you’re everything a big, bad wolf could want.

In similar fashion, the second installment, Legendary Villains: Antipaladins, will be released as part of the Righteous Crusade Adventure Path Plug-Ins, since all those holy crusader knights up there battling the demon hordes at the wound in the world need some REALLY ROTTEN bad guys to match up against. We’ll have much more to say about both products soon, but suffice to say they help break some of these folks out of their villainous shells and type-casting quite nicely.

While we have labeled these as “villain” products, they are certainly not the exclusive province of the GM. There is always room for PCs to dip their toes into the dark and creepy corners of the campaign, and these are an excellent resource of anybody leaning that direction. Of course, where there are Legendary Villains, might there also be… Legendary HEROES? Things that make you go…. HMMMM!