CURSES! Foiled again… on MYTHIC MONDAY!

Last week we gave you a blessing with mythic magic items; this week, A CURSE! More to the point, half a dozen sinister Mythic Curses! Pick up this product and get ready to unleash marvelously malignant curses upon your player characters, including:

– The anoris curseĀ can (literally) wipe that smile off the face of any PC

Cruciatic sympathy forces the victim to reap what he sows in a harvest of agony

– The polypollex curse leaves the target all thumbs

Regressive rejuvenation demonstrates the danger of using magic to grow younger

– Lastly, the twin curses of skinscription and sectum sanguinum curse casters to reveal their magics, as it is just as plain as the glowing glyphs or the bleeding runes on their faces… and all over their bodies!

Mythic Minis 42: Mythic Curses is now available at the Legendary Games webstore as well as at shop.d20pfsrd, Paizo, and DrivethruRPG! - Mythic Minis 42 - Mythic Curses (cover)