Kickstarters that produce amazing products are GREAT!

Waiting for those Kickstarters to produce what they promise is not!

Waiting for Kickstar

Waiting for Kickstarters to deliver makes me a sad alien fish-man.

That’s why we’ve designed this Kickstarter a little different than most. Barring any unforeseen obstacles, it is our plan start getting your adventures to you IMMEDIATELY once the Kickstarter funds! The PDFs will be available for you to download from us, and if you have backed for softcover copies of The Assimilation Strain and To Worlds Unknown, you can pick up the print version at our GenCon booth #2639; if you won’t be at the con, we can ship them to you during GenCon week or immediately after the con.

The print copies at our booth are a convention special and the print and PDF versions will not be available anywhere else except to backers (though we usually allow a week or two after the Kickstarter where we still take new backers to sign on). The booth copies, of course, will need to be printed in advance, so the special GenCon edition will not have backer names listed. However, they will be added to the source PDFs after the convention, and all subsequent PDF and print editions after GenCon will have backer names added.

After the initial fulfillment of the first adventure and the prelude, we will be releasing an additional adventure every 1-2 months until the saga is complete, in PDF for all backers and with discounted print-on-demand softcovers for backers that want to purchase them. Once the entire series is complete, we will prepare our massive compilation of the entire Legendary Planet project in PDF and in hardback form! Then you’ll feel like this guy!

I have my adventures and I am happy.

I have my adventures and I am happy.

Oh, one more thing: TWO!