Is that the HEADLESS HORSEMAN? Find out, in Mythic Monsters: Undead!

February and March are looking like some very exciting times for Legendary Games. Yes, we’ve got another batch of Mythic Minis coming your way every Mythic Monday, but while those are delightful snacks you start to crave something more substantial. You want something with meat on its bones… or maybe meat falling off its bones! However you like your bones, as long as they’re walking around and completely EVIL, it’s bones you’ll get with Mythic Monsters: Undead! Brought to you by talented Tom Phillips with additional material by Jason Nelson, this product brings you a baker’s dozen PLUS ONE of the creepiest creatures ever to grace your gaming table. Tom figured you’d like both ghouls and ghasts and that you wouldn’t mind getting one extra stat block in here, on top of the usual dozen AND his brand-new creation, the jigsaw man!


Today we’ll show you the table of contents, and tomorrow show off some of the awfulness awaiting you should you crack open the wrong sarcophagus, tomb, or barrow of one of these mythic menaces. You’ll be ready to unleash these terrors upon your PCs this Friday from Legendary Games, and available next week in wide release!


Table of contents by CR


mythic ghoul               CR 2 / MR 1

mythic pickled punk     CR 2 / MR 1      

mythic ghast               CR 3 / MR 1

mythic wight               CR 4 / MR 2      

mythic wraith              CR 6 / MR 2      

mythic spectre              CR 8 / MR 3      

mythic totenmaske      CR 8 / MR 3      

mythic dullahan           CR 9 / MR 4      

mythic mohrg             CR 10 / MR 4    

mythic baykok             CR 11 / MR 4    

mythic witchfire           CR 11 / MR 4

jigsaw man                 CR 12 / MR 5    

mythic devourer          CR 13 / MR 5

mythic demilich           CR 17 / MR 7