Winning the Ultimate Battle!

Ultimate Battle strides onward in victory as the #1 3rd-party download on Paizo.com, following in the proud footsteps of its predecessor, Ultimate Rulership, which held the title for almost a month solid (and which still stands at #6 on the Top Ten Downloads from Other Companies. With Faerie Passions spending another week in the Top Ten at #8, that gives Legendary Games 3 of the top 10. With the imminent release of Mythic Monsters: Demons on Sunday at Paizo, I think these products will have some company at the top very soon!

Ultimate Battle cover


Ultimate Rulership Building Tiles available FREE on DrivethruRPG

Computers and the internet are funny things. Some folks have been able to download our Building Tiles, some have not. If you’ve gotten them, great! If not, DANG IT!  It may be an issue with Paypal not processing a payment for $0.00, so it may be that if you add the tiles to an order where you’re buying something else then there’s no problem. That would be great with us if you’d like to buy another product, but if you’d just like to get the tiles right now there is a simple solution: Post it up somewhere else! To that end, if you have trouble downloading them from us, go right over to our friends at DrivethruRPG and download it there!


Not sure about Ultimate Rulership? Check out Open Gaming Monthly #4!

For the discerning GM who wants to do his or her due diligence before plunking down 10 hard-earned dollars on a product, you can get a nice peek inside the covers of Ultimate Rulership in the latest issue of Open Gaming Monthly! Expand your kingdom events and settlement attributes with the rules in this article, and if you like what you see by all means come by and pick up the full version right here on our site or at your friendly neighborhood d20pfsrd store!

Also, for those of you who just love the feel of a print book in your hand, keep your eyes peeled for the Ultimate Rulership Deluxe Print Edition, available soon for Print On Demand through CreateSpace and amazon.com!


Ultimate Rulership now in wide release… and a special new edition

Now available at d20pfsrd, Paizo.com, and DrivethruRPG/RPGNow!

In addition, following a few suggestions and requests from our fans we have made a few revisions to Ultimate Rulership and have uploaded the updated files here and elsewhere. If you have already purchased the product, those updated files have already been emailed to you.

Thanks for your fantastic response to Ultimate Rulership and we hope you are looking forward to the rest of the Ultimate Plug-Ins we have planned for you!


Ultimate Rulership link fixed

Tim Wickham has checked the files for corruption and all of them open fine on both Mac and PC viewers. I’ve re-uploaded the files again, so the links should now be good. Again, if you have any problems, please contact us at makeyourgamelegendary@gmail.com.

Thanks for your business and we hope you enjoy Ultimate Rulership!