A Spectacular Saturday for Sin – Pathfinder 1E style!

Epic high-level adventures are always in short supply, which is why we are so excited to unleash Sentence of the Sinlord upon you! This incredible 96-page 20th-level adventure by Matt Daley for Pathfinder Roleplaying Game (1st Edition) features the eldest masters

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Adventures Aplenty Coming Soon!

The past month have been deeply focused on our Kingmaker Anniversary Edition Adventure Path project working in partnership with Paizo, but we’ve got a metric ton of our own material coming soon too! Let’s talk adventures, since we just so happen

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Aegis of Empires COMING SOON!!!

We’ve been teasing this project since 2018, and it is very nearly ready for YOU! The AEGIS OF EMPIRES is nearly upon us!!! This massive adventure saga takes characters from 1st level up to 15th level and beyond, blending horror, intrigue,

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A Classy Pathfinder Friday – Monk Style!

We are delighted to bring you the third installment of our Second Class Guides, this time dedicated to the masters of the martial arts in Pathfinder Second Edition – Monks! You’ll find a ton of advice and recommendations for how to build the

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5E Friday, SWADE Saturday, and Legendary Planet 5-star sale!

There’s something for everyone coming your way from Legendary Games! Today we are excited to release Curses! our latest exciting supplement for the Savage Worlds Adventure Edition (SWADE)!  You’ll find an awesome array of cursed locations, cursed objects, and sinister curses

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New Adventures for the New Year for 5E!

2020 is here and we are ready for a year of amazing adventure at Legendary Games! Of course, a new year presents new opportunities, and new things can be SCARY so why not kick off the year with a horror adventure!

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