At long last… YOU’VE GOT WORMS!!!

Wormy’s Wednesday What? has been a regular feature on our site and our Facebook page for several months, but now it’s time for you to find out what’s really behind Michael Jaecks’ glorious bit of vermicious art. That’s right: Mythic Monsters: Worms are here! A dozen and one mythic worms from tiny terrors like the rot grub swarm to titanic tunnelers like the colossal purple worm, mindless monsters like the giant slug to crawling masterminds like the neothelid and their seugathi spawn, and of course the wonderfully wicked worm that walks! Add to this the brand-new necrophagic conqueror worm and a section devoted to worm companions, worm riding, and even a Worm cleric domain, and you’ve got a product you don’t want to miss. Come on, you’ve got to trust someone with a face like this, don’t you? - Mythic Monster - Worms Cover


Available right now exclusively at the Legendary Games webstore, and starting tomorrow on shop.d20pfsrd, Paizo, and DrivethruRPG!