Are you ready for some METAL?

Legendary Games is proud to announce the debut of a new product line focused on support for the just-completed “Metal Gods” Adventure Path. We’ve teased a few clues about the upcoming products in this line, but with the first one getting ready to go live we wanted to throw out for you a look ahead to the amazing products you have to look forward to and when you should be able to see them!

Metal Heroes by Neil Spicer – eight amazing pregenerated characters, with detailed backgrounds, relationships, histories, and advancement and ideal for use with the AP. Available this weekend! 

Starfall by Tom Phillips and Mike Welham – a high-level adventure featuring a decaying satellite and alien explorers whose researches have awakened a danger far greater than they knew. Available March 2015.

Scorpions of Perdition by Nic Logue – a low/mid-level adventure focused on strange happenings in a mining colony in the Land of Savage Science infiltrated by mysterious hunters from beyond! Available April 2015. 

Cyborgs by Tim Hitchcock, Jason Nelson, and Russ Taylor – a new base class focusing on cybernetics and implants, along with character options for existing classes! Available May 2015.

Treasury of the Machine by Russ Taylor, Jason Nelson, and the LG team – a batch of marvelous mechanical and magical devices perfect for your mash-up campaign of the fantastical and the futuristic. Available June 2015. 

And MORE!!!!!

Tomorrow we’ll have a more detailed preview on Metal Heroes: Pregenerated Characters, including a look at the cover and the roster of strange and sublime characters as only Neil Spicer can deliver them.