Another 5-star review for Under Frozen Stars

Posted here for your reading courtesy of Enzeitgeist on the Paizo messageboards.  A highlight of his conclusion:

The module herein is, let me spell it out, AWESOME. Dripping iconicity, you can make the sci-fi elements as pronounced or as downplayed as you wish – whether it be eldritch machinery, a link to the Dark Tapestry: The customization options are extremely varied and the locale ranks among the most iconic I’ve seen in any PFRPG-module, making me sincerely regret that exploration of the ruins is not a full-blown 100+pages mega-module. The links with Jade Regent are there, though not so pronounced as to make this only a viable purchase for Jade Regent-DMs. In fact, I whole-heartedly recommend this pdf for any DM seeking for a truly distinct side-trek that can be truly considered INSPIRATIONAL. Ambitious. Beautiful. All of that and so much more. This is one of the hands down best short modules released for PFRPG and even amps up the quality when compared to Legendary Games’ offerings so far.


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