Another 5-star review for Legendary Games – Feats of Flight

Thanks to Weslocke on the Paizo messageboards, who had this to say about the latest in our Mythic Mini series:


Legendary Games third entry in their Mythic Minis line has hit another home-run with more must-have mythic monster feats! If you are running a Mythic game or using Mythic monsters in your game then you could definitely use this PDF.

This PDF focuses on feats for flying creatures (and players) and features mythic versions of classic feats as well as several new feats ramped up and retooled to strike fear into the hearts of heroes, both mythic and non-mythic alike. The selection within includes Devastating Flyby, Flyby Attack, Hover, Improved Flight, Silent Soarer, Stratospheric Soarer, Wingover & Wingstorm. And, believe me, they are definitely Mythic!

The production quality and rules content is, as always, outstanding.

And the price is simply Legendary.

Grab yourself a copy now and terrorize your PC’s with them this weekend!


Thanks to Weslocke and to everyone who takes the time to write a review for us. We appreciate your kind words and your support and hope that others are encouraged to check out our products and see if they like them just as much as you did.

Mythic Minis 3 - cover