Another 5-star review for Legendary Games – Faerie Passions

Thanks to Eric Hinkle for his glowing review of our Faerie Passions over at! He gives a great summary of all that the product covers, including fey attitudes toward mortals and the strangeness of their reactions to what mortals would consider entirely normal (and vice versa), the many qualities of fey love from romance to domination, as well as the new sorcerer bloodlines and archetypes for druids and rangers. His conclusion:


“A great supplement, balancing fluff with crunch and truly helping to bring the fey to life for any campaign or adventure. Five stars easy!”


Thanks for the great review Eric. We look forward to knocking your socks off again and again! If you’ve enjoyed any of our products, please join Eric in offering up your reviews as well. Word of mouth is a powerful tool for all 3PPs, and we appreciate all of you who take the time to post your comments, long or short.

Asking her out might be a bad idea...

If you buy a copy, she’ll totally go out with you.


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