And another 5-star review – Mythic Monsters: Demons

We always appreciate it when fans take the time to give us a review, and we are doubly happy when a review gives details on exactly what worked for the customer in a product (and sometimes what didn’t work). Of course, a positive review is always nice too! From quillblade on the messageboards:


Mythic Monsters: Demons was a terrific find. All of the most iconic demons (and a certain extradimensional undead with demonic connections) have been updated to mythic versions. Each statblock presented has new mythic abilities customized to the creature’s theme; some enhance the demon’s existing abilities, others grant completely new abilities. All are suitably mythic and certain to provide new challenges to players… especially those who have the statblocks of iconic creatures memorized. The mythic quasit’s mythic master power is dangerously tempting, while the demonic glory power grants a mythic succubus the ability to cow and mesmerize all who stand before her.


This PDF contains only two pieces of art, but each are of high quality. The real meat of this publication, however, are the mythic powers and complete statblocks. The lack of individual artworks for demons that already have countless visual depictions does not detract from the quality of the crunch – and quality crunch is, essentially, what the Mythic Monsters series is out to provide. 


See quillblade’s full review here!

Mythic Monster Demons cover


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