A Legendary Partnership with Sasquatch Game Studio

Legendary Games was founded with one purpose: To bring together an all-star team of designers, authors, artists, and contributors at every level that would create the very best third-party support for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. Winners and finalists from the RPG Superstar contest and veteran heavyweights alike heeded the call to raise the bar, and we think we’ve done that in the year since our relaunch. Our products consistently earn top reviews and great sales, but nobody ever achieved greatness by resting on their laurels and saying, “That’s good enough.” When you raise the bar, that just means you’re a little bit closer to raising the bar again.

That commitment to creating the best products with the best people brought us to today, as Legendary Games is proud to announce a strategic partnership with a brand-new company that is going to blow you away: Sasquatch Game Studio.

If you’ve been following the Dungeons and Dragons family of games any time since 1990, one of the names you already know is that of Rich Baker, world-builder extraordinaire and creator of the Birthright setting and a creative mind with a list of credits as long as both arms, from Dark Sun to Forgotten Realms, from 2nd Edition to 4th Edition and all points in between. Together with his partners David Noonan and Steven Schubert, luminaries in their own right, they have just launched an amazing Kickstarter project for their new game setting, Primeval Thule. Evoking the tropes and style of Howard, Lovecraft, and Edgar Rice Burroughs, with the visual sensibilities of Frank Frazetta and Roy Krenkel, this pulpy antediluvian setting offers fantastic opportunities for adventure and will be offered with mechanics adapted for Pathfinder, 4th Edition, and 13th Age.

We at Legendary Games are proud to be associated with this new game world and with such terrific designers as the guys at Sasquatch. Legendary Games will be creating products for the Primeval Thule setting, including an adventure to be offered as one of their Kickstarter stretch goals, alongside industry legends Jason Bulmahn, Owen Stephens, and Ed Greenwood, while the designers at Sasquatch will in turn be creating content for our own Legendary Games product lines. We will be hosting a joint presentation at PaizoCon on Sunday, July 7th, at 9:00 a.m. to talk not only about “What’s New with Legendary Games,” but what is new with both companies individually and in our joint ventures. If you’re going to be at PaizoCon, we look forward to seeing you there. Rich says he’ll be bringing donuts. Not just any donuts; Legendary Doughnuts.

Are you gonna miss out on that? I didn’t think so.



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